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Unreal Tournament 3 version 2.1 for PC and Linux 2.1 Server Now Available!

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    Originally posted by Seiniyta View Post
    If you would have read the message, you would have seen it stated that all the changes of the previous patches are included, thus you only need to download this patch.
    i read but havent seen that he said that, sry


      Originally posted by Death_Masta187 View Post
      Keep up the good work...Please add, in the weapons menu "Swap Fire mode" check box. so we are able to swap primary and secondary fire (on individual weapons) like in ut2k4... may be on 2.2....Thanks
      How about assigning mouse1 to secondary and mouse2 to primary?
      Ever thought about that before posting this?



        Thanx for the patch and the linux server Epic!!


          Originally posted by DrFish View Post
          How about assigning mouse1 to secondary and mouse2 to primary?
          Ever thought about that before posting this?

          That would be global, but he says he want to use it individually.
          Personally, I don't care about it, but I can understand players who want it.
          Sometimes even I would prefer to switch the fire mode for the Stinger.



            Originally posted by Sbouby View Post
            Nice too have a new patch.

            And incredible with a linux patch server this time. We can't applause you because we waiting since 8 month a patch in final version (1.2 is the last official). We hope no waiting so long time next time...

            You sir, are a moron.

            There was a 1.3 beta patch linux

            There was a 2.0 beta patch linux

            And now there is a full 2.1 patch for linux (well, the word beta is just left behind because of people like you that is).
            Why ?

            Because it's dead normal that a patch for linux is beta !!!
            Almost all the UT 2004 linux patches were beta ... so ...

            You were quite dumb to have waited for 8 months rofl :-).

            So long to you then next time :-)


              A new patch? Nice Epic, keep up the good work!

              Currently downloading...


                Very nice... Has anyone tested it out?



                  opps - wrong thread


                    ....i have some kind of problem my Unreal 3 tells me that i can't play online and i should consult site .....
                    ....unfortunately there so many info i just stumble on the first two threads .... please help me ...

                    .....what do i need to do to play on line ?


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