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Adding new maps to UT3 dedicated server

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    Didn't change none on server side and get working! Nice!

    But I installed my client side UT3 again. The stock version and immediately patched it to patch4/version 2.0 and after it with the titan pack. After this I add my own early .ini files to folder.

    But what I did different this time is I begin use the game folder itself - not the MyGames bla bla blaah folder, what is default. So I add -nohomedir parameter to ut3.exe shortcut.

    This is good hint anyway, becouse if you play much with custom maps, custom models, nVidia PhyX addons and maybe take screenshot, is your MyGame folder more and more larger. I have small Windows partition and not so much free space to waste there. This -nohomedir works better for me.

    OK. I got some problems too. I add some WAR and vCTF maps to my server. I had problem with map WAR-BeachFront. I downloaded it from My client loaded it full 100 %, but after it said "coudn't open it". So I loaded the redirected server version, umcompressed it, and surprise. The map from UTzone was newer and little bit larger: - 47.447 kB
    redirect - 47.302 kB

    The WAR-BeachFront_LOC_int.upk file size was same on both version.

    Nice job. Map file have same name, but it have different size. What happend when client have same name map on his/her cache folder or already installed it to his computer? UT3 server say: "Cannot open the file"? Many players could have funny errors and less hair on future. End user cannot see nowhere what redirected server the UT3 game server is using; to check his/her version.

    So, other admins. Question. What is the best way install new maps? Of course check if the map is on redirected server. Right. Uncompress map from there, but if the map have some .u files (script, extra vehicles etc.) on it like TankMinus? Btw. I didn't get this map work and give up. On off-line and my own PC the map crashed twice anyway.

    Other question. Some custom maps do not have .ini files there but are still working. We do not need install dublicate .ini files to dedicated server :\UT3\UTGame\Config folder and other duplicate to :\UT3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps folder, or do we? The CustomMaps folder is enough?

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  • started a topic Adding new maps to UT3 dedicated server

    Adding new maps to UT3 dedicated server


    There is not thread only specified for this problem, so I start one.

    I have read elsewhere here on forum, but seems there is hole and many have this same problem or I didn't find myself the correct answer.

    Here is what I have found and tryed.

    UTEngine.ini [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] section:

    AllowDownloads=False ;; for testing redirect server

    UTEngine.ini [IpDrv.HTTPDownload] section:


    Added all map files to folder:




    WAR-Tropico.ut3.uz3 is on site. Client doesn't start downloading. If I change on server side AllowDownloads=False to True, downloading works but it is very, very, I mean, very slow. Even on 1 Gb LAN. ;-)

    And from UT3 WebAdmin (MapList section) I have added this custom map to list. On game you see it and can vote it.

    Is there some port to need open or why client doesn't load this compressed map? Tryed on server side change UseCompression=True to False, but no succeed.

    I have on UTEngine.ini [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] section line DownloadManagers=IpDrv.HTTPDownload. Server is behind NAT, but player have played there awhile and all work fine. Asking this if needed port forwarding other port for this redirect thing.

    My run_server.bat looks like this:

    START UT3.exe Server WAR-Torlan?game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content? PureServer=1?bIsDedicated=true?NumPlay=12?MaxPlaye rs=16?Botskill=2?Port=7777?MinNetPlayers=1?bUsesSt ats=False -log=UT3_ServerLog.txt -login=*** -password=*** -nohomedir -unattended

    And how you see, I am running this on Windows PC. UT3 version is 2.0 with Titan pack. Using UT3 WebAdmin v1.12, becouse v1.13 needs 3805 UT3, but cannot find it nowhere. Core patch 2.1 is testing or beta?