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Help...newbie on gameserver ;)

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    Help...newbie on gameserver ;)


    -well i have a linux server(under patch1.2) with webadmin working on it(old version)

    -we just have ordered a gameserver windows server ...wich work i m trying to install the webadmin but i m not familiar to gameservers "tools";"organisation" and....language !

    *server under patch2.0 /webadmin1.12

    *i have install all the files,changed the variable to "True" in UTweb.ini

    *now i just cant find the console....quite funny! so i cant read "ScriptLog: Web Server Created http://some.iport [...] Enabled True"

    through ini files there a file called "log" but i cant read the info there

    ....i m lost.....again lol....if someone can tell me where i can find the console/log on gameserver member page.....

    all is in english and i learned all that on french server with french provider....i m not sure to use right words

    by console(it s called console in fr)/log i mean the tool/screen where u can read all what happen on server and where should be generate that:
    ScriptLog: Web Server Created http://some.iport [...] Enabled True

    *i m registered on admin list but all is in english too and i m not enough skilled to understand the half...and i dont want to annoy peeps there with ma noobs questions...while they are on technicals things

    in advance thx for help

    I suggest you not use the gameservers control panel to work with your server files. Instead use an FTP program to log into your server and see the log file. When you log into your server through FTP go to /*****/ut3/UTGame/Logs/GameServers.log to view yor server log file. Also you cannot use port 80 at GameServers as your WebAdmin listen port you'll have to use something in the 9000 range. I use port 9040 for my WebAdmin. Hope this helps.


      ok so it was the right file that i have found( /*****/ut3/UTGame/Logs/GameServers.log) but just havent generate the "ScriptLog: Web Server Created http://some.iport [...] Enabled True"

      about the listen port; i ve set it on 9040 since some hours(i ve read ur post on other topic ...)

      for the FTP i use filezilla to transfer files

      on Verygames control panel there s a very usefull tool : " /*****/ut3/UTGame/Logs/GameServers.log" content is directly show on a "console"; no need to edit files to watch what just happened on server.....seem to not exist on gameservers one

      big thx for the help JD8


        work like a charm too now; webadmin with all functions ; stats working ; titan content and map vote ok.....

        *i had to "create" manually the line "AdminPass=******" dunno why it was missing !
        *i havent found the "http://some.iport " in log but was easy to "built it with the ip and 9040

        it s pure shame that all is not working so on linux servers; i pay since one year for a betaserver ....2 patch late !

        thx jd8 for help.....9040 was nice value


          No problem, if you have any more problems hosting at Gameservers feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to help you if I can. Gameservers has excellent customer care but sometimes they can be a little slow to respond to questions.