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Removing default maps from maplist?

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    Removing default maps from maplist?

    Hey, all. I have surprised myself by being able to get everything I wanted to work on our new UT3 server.

    One thing that is driving me crazy is the fact that I cannot remove certain default maps from my mapvote.(wanted to keep 5 or so in rotation if possible) I deleted all the map entries in my UTGame.ini and the same for my UTMaplists.ini and even have done so on my web admin panel only to keep having them return on restart or after each level change.

    I see other server with no default maps so I know it can be done. Getting the trans to work with DM and all the other mutators and maps were fairly easy for me to get done with help reading these and other forums but can't find help for this particular problem anywhere. Any advice would be appreciated because I have no more ideas on what to do. Thx.

    Don't worry about replying if anyone actually was going to. I found my own dumb mistake and fixed it. I entered DM in the AutoLoadPrefixes line and it seems to be finally working right now.


      The 'game profiles' and 'map lists' is the key in the webadmin.

      make a map list say' Dreamers DM maps' then add the maps you want

      then create of modify and 'Gameprofile' (make sure its not active) and just select 'Dreamers DM maps' (change current game- this is what I do as it updates the inis)

      only add 'DM' or 'VCTF' in the AutoLoadPrefixes if you want all the maps off that type adding - to remove you have to remove it in the utmaplist.ini.

      If you mess up - stop the server - delete 'utmaplist.ini' from ''/UTGame/Config'' reboot and UT3 makes a new 'utmaplist.ini'


        I was just going to add my own maplist in the ini but I wasn't sure if it would have worked so I just edited the default DM list. It works now but I still like the idea of a custom maplist. Thanks.


          well it works really well too

          on one server we run betrayal/DM/TDM/BTA/BFA/Duel via the game profiles and all have differences in the maplist as some maps work better with some gametypes.