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    UT3 Windows Dedicated Server

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the latest server release. The one I ofund was in 2007. I also patched my server with the latest patch. So far it cannot be seen from the internet and noone has joined it. I am not even sure what the latest version is. I have all the necessary ports open and all the usual settings to have a server show to the public. This is not on a personal machine but a dedicated gaming box.

    win2k3 64 bit

    I have run ut2004 for years on this box without a problem. So far UT3 does not show to the rest of the world. I have it completey open in the firewall to allow any connections to it. I would love to use it as i bought UT3 black on steam and woudl ike to hae our own server to full aorund with.

    It woudl be nice to even see a basica setup of the server and files in order of instalation.

    For example:
    install dedicated server
    install patch
    isntall this patch
    Install web admin

    Unlike ut2004 there seems to be a lack of information like this where as ut2004 there were tons and tons of this type stuff all over the palce.

    Ive been running servers since quakeworld in 1997 so I do have a lot of knowledge and this one so far hasn't worked. Anyhelp is appreciated.

    Just read that th steam version is the latest? does this install like counter strike source and TF2 etc on the command line? I have those servers as well so am used to using scrds.


      Order of installation :

      UT3 dedicated server
      DirectX (82 Mb)
      Patch 4.00 (316 Mb)
      Titan Pack (938 Mb)

      Look over here for detailed instructions :


        That website - - doesn't respond to requests right now. Is it down?

        I'd like to set up a Windows-based UT3 server (it's a Server 2008, but I'll hack the MSI) for my LAN so my local PC's can play, and we all have UT3 via Steam, so we can only play on UT3 2.0 servers.

        If you could double check on that URL, I'd really appreciate it.


          Yeap, down for maintaince, will be up and running 13;00 CET


            Awesome... it's up now - great instructions, thanks.

            P.S. - Sorry, but I had to LOLZ there a bit - "toepassing"... I know... it's "Application" or something... still sounds funny to me.


              Hmmm... so I installed:

              Original UT3 Server
              Current DirectX (March 2009)
              BonusPack 1.0
              Patch 4 (2.0)
              Titan Pack

              And... I've only a handful of maps:


              Did I forget to install something I thought I did? (I was distracted during part of the install).

              I tried testing the server, but I was logged in via RDP, and it didn't like that. I'll be testing the server in a bit on the console, but wanted to throw this post up now for suggestions.