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[Linux] UT3 2.0 Server

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    Originally posted by Sbouby View Post
    no patch 1.3 final for wait the 2.0 version
    no patch 2.0 final or beta public for wait the 2.1 version ?
    and we really not sure a 2.1 will be release same time the official patch.

    the last version who works fine (with custom content) is the 1.2. wonderful (no vote menu), steam users can't now join server unless 2.0. AWESOME

    We rent servers, we can't use them fine since 7 months...
    0 official answer on the forum since 5 months, just for say sry guys or we work on it (**** come back jeff morris, the others really don't care about us).
    sorry if we don't applause you epic !
    Same here ...

    But nobody told us that the support of UT3 would be Xbox/PS3 and Windowsserver only!

    Sorry that's like it is ... and nobody cares!


      Originally posted by Slaughter View Post
      Geez. Can't many of you Linux people read the word BETA. Is that not in your vocabulary? With attitudes like that, if I were them I'd give up on it now.

      Epic gave an answer by releasing a BETA to the Admin list only. Note they didn't post it here for a reason---it's BETA.
      i agree it s not fair to post the link here as it was "asked" to not do it, and it s nice to see each day that peeps are working on a decent linux version (got ma mail box ready to explode) sharing all those very technicals infos on "admin research section" .....but if u re not programmer u cant even test the beta so all that seem complex

      it s the first time that i had to do so many things to get a simple server running on last patch ! and.....

      i ve not buy a beta game ; i not own a beta server ; the money i spended is not beta !

      why do u want to install a beta patch? and why the hell linux owners only?

      "beta" is easy to understand .....that s all the problem !

      i m farmer in real life and i sell cheeses....and believe me or not ...i have NEVER sold any beta cheese


        Originally posted by -=GoW=-Dragon View Post
        I addes a [closed beta] to the link. but i will not take the link out of my post.
        Well it's not really a CLOSED beta if you post it in a public forum now is it?


          Do not post links to beta patches publically.