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Bot's not staying.

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    Bot's not staying.

    I have a sever that will not keep the bots in it.
    I have 4 bots enabled and added them to the Roster they will not show up in the server untill I enable them in the Active characters.
    After a map change when you finish the level the bots do not reapear in the next map you are left in the server alone.
    Anyone have any ideal?
    I am using web admin to admin the server.
    Game Version Version 2.0
    WebAdmin Version v1.12

    Anyone help please.


      Can you post your command line for us?


        Does your server's UT3 start-up command line contain: "?numplay=X"?

        ...where 'X' specifies the minimum number of players you want to have on the server at all times. The server will always add enuf bots to reach this value, if there are less than 'X' people in the game. In your case, if X=4 (ie, ?numplay=4) and you are the only person on the server, you should have 3 bots playing in addition to yourself. If another person joins, one of the bots will leave to maintain 4 players.

        As long as the command line also contains: "?maxplayers=Y" where 'Y' is greater than 'X', more people can join until the number of players equals 'Y'. If X=4, when the 4th person joins, there will not be any more bots in the game. If sufficient people leave the game to drop their number to less than 'X', then bots will be added to replace them to get up to 'X' players.

        Using WebAdmin, you can put the numplay and maxplayers parameters into the "Additional URL variables" box under "Miscellaneous" on the "Change Game" page. However, if numplay and/or maxplayers are not in the UT3 start up command line, they will be lost from the URL variables setting in WebAdmin whenever you restart the server. If these parameters are in the command line, then they should appear in the URL variables box automatically.


          Or add them under Gameprofiles

          to have them different for each profile and botskill works here too.

          Just have server emtpy and password on - do you changes for each profile(make sure profile isn't active) change gametype - and its saved - remove passy- reboot server and its sorted.

          adding them to the roster only last for that game - I leave the roster empty then it just picks ramdom bots!


            Got it guys it was the ?numplay=x thing works good now.
            We have 2 servers locked, we refuse to play online till there is somekind of anticheat for this game so well stick playing the bots we at least know they are not cheating.
            Thanks again.