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Installing a Server from Scratch v 2.0

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    Installing a Server from Scratch v 2.0

    Website was updated with installation of :

    - Mappack
    - Patch 1.4 (2.0)
    - Titan Mappack
    - Vote Mechanisme
    - Chanching Maplist for voting
    - Adding Mutators

    If somebody needs something else explained mail or put it in the forum. I will see what I can do.

    I need some info on how to get the floating name over the players head OFF. Either from the server side or the player side as most people on my server fully hate it and so do I. At one time I know we could do it on the player end but now w/ the new patch and stuff its on and looks like cheep game :{ My server is DM custom instagib and I need to find a way to turn it off like I said either from server side or player :{ Any info on how I can do this?


      issue fixed for the server side no more floating names over players head on my server thanks to [PSI]PsySniper