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excluding mutator from specific map on server

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    excluding mutator from specific map on server

    is this now possible with the 2.0 update?

    there's a couple maps (like Omicron Dawn) i'm considering having Titan turned off. i thought the new maplist.ini allowed for this, but it looks like gametype only, not map-specific.

    or am i missing something?

    actually What your asking I am thinking cant be done, without removing the map TMK

    only because titan ia not a game type but a mute, otherwise you would be removing it from every other ctf map.


      Look in the UTMapList.ini

      The Configuration options for [UTGame.UTMapListManager] are :
      - GameProfiles: This is a list which is used to define custom game type settings (mainly for game voting), options include:
      - GameClass: The FULL class name of the gametype, including package name as well as class name (e.g. "UTGame.UTDeathMatch")
      - GameName: The name that is displayed on the vote menu when selecting a gametype (e.g. "Deathmatch", "Warfare - No Orbs")
      - MapListName: The name of the maplist that this game profile will use (e.g. "WARMapList")
      - Options: Additional URL options which are used when switching to this gametype (e.g. "?WarmupTime=60")
      - Mutators: Mutators to be loaded for this gametype (e.g. "UTGame.UTMutator_LowGrav,UTGame.UTMutator_Ins tagi b")
      - ExcludedMuts: Mutators which are disallowed for this gametype (e.g. "UTMutator_Instagib,UTMutator_Slomo")
      - bIsTeamGame: Specifies whether or not the current gametype is a team game (used internally for game voting)

      Maybe ExcludedMuts works here for you.


        Originally posted by {DCS} Matrix View Post
        Maybe ExcludedMuts works here for you.
        No, that would disable it for the gameplay mode, not just one map.


          Or just make a new gameprofile called say 'NO Titan' and set it to excluded the titan then have a maplist on it which you don't wont the titan on.

          So you can do it - just in a different way

          the mutator will show at vote time - but if it gets picked it doesn't load