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CTF Random Server Crashing?

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    CTF Random Server Crashing?

    Hello everyone!

    I just recently got back into Unreal and well I have four servers running... I used to host a Unreal Coop server since like 1999...

    I am currently hosting four UT3 servers!
    I am hosting these servers on a Dual Quad Core Xeon 64-bit Windows 2008 Server with 16GB Ram...

    I also host a bunch of Source and half life games as well...

    My UT3 servers are listed below


    Team Deathmatch



    Anyways my CTF server keeps crashing either randomly or something else is crashing it?

    I re-made the server over a few times and even copied over another server and changed it to play ctf and still it crashes and fresh copy also crashes!

    The servers runs smooth for a few hours sometimes or more then it crashes... Other game modes work fine on it no problems just ctf will crash.

    I read somewhere there used to be an exploit that someone could use to crash a ctf server? But I loaded the latest updates and the other 3 servers have exactly the same fresh install of the stand alone dedicated ut3 server.

    Only addon/Mutator I am using is the utstatsdb... I seriously love ctf and would like to get this fixed asap...

    And do the Devs from epic/ut3 look at the dmp files by chance? I have about 5 of them not sure if they are exactly from the ctf crashes...

    I was also wondering if there were any good admin addons like something that supported hierarchy type controls maybe or something simular to using admin mod or amxmodx? For instance

    Thanks to anyone that helps....