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Server keeps disappearing in UT3 browser

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    Originally posted by Zeus... View Post
    Just a thought..are you sure the 7778 port isn't blocked? I know most people run 7777 and that could be part of your problem..If not, then I really don't know. Mine seems to work fine, and I'm really new to this


      I have the same problem, our server today is not showing in the browser but we can enter to it via FAvorites or History. I don't understand very well the loadermutator and what this has to do with this behaviour :S.

      Our server: :: zpiCTF (2.0) Foregone Destruction - >


        Same prob here, what's odd is some server handle 4 or 5 mutators just fine.
        Mine only has 2 and it disappears after a couple map changes.

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        UtComp3 v4b1
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          Originally posted by dave neun View Post
          okay so it appears as though the problem is the handling mute strings properly or something, a friend suggested I try MutatorLoader. A mute made by shambler and it deos appear to have solved my issue. Shambler..

          I am using v1 Because it is what I had available, however I see there is a newer version.

          This is located here:

          if you need the older version, I honestly don't see why you would his email is in the download.. on another note if this solves your issue please let him know.
          Yep, the Mutator Loader by Shambler works like a charm. It fixed the problems we where having on all 5 of our servers. One note is if you manually change the game in WebAdmin, you need to check the Mutator Loader and uncheck all the other mutators that are in the loader or the server will disappear.