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Server keeps disappearing in UT3 browser

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    Server keeps disappearing in UT3 browser

    reboot the server it shows and the check back later is gone showing a ping off '9999' as if its offline yet if you double click on it - presso its online and folk r on it.

    Any ideas what may be causing it?

    «ne»Public 'Custom map' Server open

    Originally posted by Zeus... View Post
    reboot the server it shows and the check back later is gone showing a ping off '9999' as if its offline yet if you double click on it - presso its online and folk r on it.

    Any ideas what may be causing it?

    «ne»Public 'Custom map' Server open
    you are not alone in this, from what I can see it is not happening to everyone. It is happening to my patched 2.0 server but none of our 1.3 servers. It is also happening to the UNK guys as well.

    As it is my server starts in the browser np, I do not have my mutes running on my CMD so after a round they partially show up. By that I mean when you spawn at first glance it is as if you are in spectator mode. After you pick up weapons and then roll the mouse wheel it goes back to normal without issues. Third round is totally normal, but the server disappears from the browser.

    Last night I made a bunch of changes to all files, turned off the gametype vote, mutator vote and only left the map vote available. Played 6 games with one of our guys and after each match I would disconnect and go to browser to check it and it was indeed there all 6. After the 6th game we both quit I exited the game completely and then restarted the game and went back to the browser. Server was gone again. I am starting to think it may have something to do with clients leaving the game or the seemless travel having an issue maybe.

    I am going to try utfixer today just to see if this will help any, the hedsteem guys have been using it and I see they are in the browser all the time.

    Anyway thanks for starting this thread as we have been going on about this matter in another thread that is not titled correctly for this matter



      Thanks for the feedback - nice to know we are not alone

      we have two servers

      Betrayal pure (no mutators ) and no issues

      Greed with TTF, Server adverts and spec mutator - issues - but have taken spec mut off as thought it may be that


        This happened to my 1.3 Galtanor's Invasion server just recently w/no changes to it since it last showed a ping. I looked this morning and it said 9999, I refreshed a few times and even restarted UT3 and it still said that. However, I could join the server. Will check again later today.


          I was wondering why only our server was having the problem...

          Anyways this is probably why it's happening. Suprised it's not more widespread.

          Luckily our Admin found a way to fix this problem.


            K maybe it's a different issue, our server just vanished from the server browser too.


              No Browser listing

              We too are experiencing the same anomaly. Even though the server is not listed I have it in my Favorites and am able to see the ping of 9999. If I click I will connect. This method has been hit and miss for several clan members including myself. Some can join this method, others cannot. I can join on my laptop but not my desktop via Favorites. Not sure what thats all about but worth mentioning. Once players are connected, server runs great.

              Unlike some others, our server never displays or shows a connection status.
              3rd party stat sites (ie.Serverspy, Gametracker) list the server as dead since the day of Patch install.

              DevOnline: scCreateReport(,2,1,0,) returned 0x00000000
              DevOnline: scReportSetPlayerData(0,,0,44827494,,) returned 0x00000000
              DevOnline: scReportEnd() returned 0x00000000
              DevOnline: scSubmitReport() returned 0x00000000
              DevOnline: SubmitStatsReportCallback: HttpResult = 0x00000000, Result = 0x00000000


                well theres another update for the webadmin, will do that tomorrow and see if that helps!


                  okay so it appears as though the problem is the handling mute strings properly or something, a friend suggested I try MutatorLoader. A mute made by shambler and it deos appear to have solved my issue. Shambler..

                  I am using v1 Because it is what I had available, however I see there is a newer version.

                  This is located here:

                  if you need the older version, I honestly don't see why you would his email is in the download.. on another note if this solves your issue please let him know.


                    Good to know that fixes it for you

                    This problem is indirectly caused by having too many mutators running; GameSpy can't handle the server details becoming so large, and the query gets messed up (stopping the server from showing).

                    The next patch will have an inbuilt fix for this, where it will cut off information from the server details (some mutators, most likely) if it's too large.


                      Thanks for the info on this - very helpful


                        was only looking at MutatorLoader the other day too and thought must get that sorted.

                        Installed it onboth servers and working good - one mutator to control them all


                          well coolio it seems this is indeed the breakdown, Shambler says it is gamespy not being able to handle long strings of mutes.. this makes sense to me. I am hoping epic will include this as is because it is very understandable from an admin point of view and works well.

                          thanks again Shambler


                            One of the local servers here just got updated and it vanished from the main browser window without any mutators. It's still visible in history and favourites. Any ideas?


                              When my server would not show up in the game browser 9999 I as well could connect to it. The fix for me was I updated the patches a second time and it was good to go after that