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Maps disappearing from map list

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    Maps disappearing from map list

    After updating my server to patch 2.0 and the Titan pack, I am having a problem. The map list loses a map or two after each round. If left unmonitored it winds up repeating the same map over and over again. The server is a fresh install. Is there some .ini file setting I don't have right? Has anyone had this problem before?

    Shut the server down. Check your maplist ini and add all the maps to it you want to have in your current map list, restart, and see if they stay put.

    The maplist ini is in the UTGame / Config folder


      That would fix it, but it's not a very graceful solution. It'd be a pain to have to manually add maps to the list every time I want to make changes. I found the answer, and here it is for anyone else having this problem:

      Search your server logs for:

      ScriptLog: Map 'CTF-Reflection ' can't be found, removing from maplist 'CTFMapList'

      Or more specifically: "can't be found"
      this should spit out a list of the maps that are dissipating.

      If this is the case, you need to UPGRADE WEBADMIN to v1.11.1

      There is a bug in it that causes some extra spaces to be had after the map names and it kills the maplist when doing so (comes from the voting **** in webadmin).

      If you don't want to upgrade yet, just edit the maplist.ini with the maps you want.

      Thank you, come again.



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            If you don't want to use webadmin (like me), just do what I did, and add in the maps you want to maplists.ini and then make it read only. That way UT can't remove the entries