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UT3 patch 2.0 questions

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    UT3 patch 2.0 questions

    Have a few quick questions hoping someone can help

    1. How do you turn on and off the translocator. For example my default game type is DM. Would like it to start up with trans turned on.

    2. Is there a way to change the game speed without using a mod? I know that there is speed freak, but it also changes the fire rate. I just want to change the game speed.

    3. Is there a good quad jump mutator out there. The one that I have refuses to work, everyone keeps getting an error trying to download it. The installation file is not very good. I think I will try putting it in my published/scripts folder to see if it works correctly that way.

    4. Any good map packs out there besides the titan and cbp3?

    Any help or thoughts greatly apprciated.