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Unreal Tournament 3 Host Problem

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    Unreal Tournament 3 Host Problem


    i want to host a multiplayer game in UT3 (NOT DEDICATED SERVER) i have all ports free on my root and DMZ is also activated.

    My Firewall istn blocking the game.
    So the Settings looks fine to host.

    But if my mates wants to join the server.
    They connect very long and after a while they got "Connection failed", so can anybody PLEASE help us and say me what i could try to do.

    Ports i have free:

    Thanks a lot

    Same ports open, same problem here ;(

    Does anyone have a solution to this?


      Same problem for me as well.


        I have not figured out how to host a multiplayer game behind my Linksys router and have my server show up in the campaign list. But I'll relate a work around that did work for me.

        I'm hosting on a private static IP address behind my router. The only port I have forwarded on my router is 7777. I then gave my friend the public IP address assigned to my router by Comcast. It's a dynamic IP so I just went to to find out what it was currently. My friend then launched his game and entered the console by hitting F10. At the prompt he typed "open" (use your own public IP), hit enter and then he connected to my campaign. I'm not listed in the browser, but it worked. Give it a try.


          I'm having the same problem as the op. I've opened up all the listed ports and activated DMZ and still can't host games.


            I had the same problem trying to host from within UT3. The way I finally got it working was to host a dedicated server (with another login), and then join it from the same computer. I have a quad core with 4 gigs of ram, and it runs fine even with 8-10 humans in there playing. If you do set up a dedicated, and people can join it, I can help you with the INIs to get everything set up the way you want. Send me a PM if you have any questions.