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AdminChangeMap doesn´t work correctly in gamemode !

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    AdminChangeMap doesn´t work correctly in gamemode !

    Hello Forum,

    the FAQ says that the gamemode will be terminated automatically based on the map, but this won´t work.

    I use the 1.3 linux server version!

    Is there any way to safe extended log files like a debug mode?

    Did you try "admin changemap"? There normally needs to be a space between admin and the command. This is assuming you are already logged in as admin.

    If you are using WebAdmin, you should be able to just changemap in the management console. I know this works with killbots. Not sure with changemap. You may need to add the map name at the end.


      I'm using a Windows server, Patch 1.3. The gamemode does NOT change with the map type:

      1. started with a TDM game

      2. logged in as admin, gave "changemap" command; didn't work; gave "servertravel" command; map change started:

      3. looked in the server list to see what it reported for the new map; yes, it changed to WAR-Torlan, as requested; no, game-type is still TDM:

      4. Checked in with WebAdmin to see what it reports:

      5. Used WebAdmin to change back to the original TDM map that we started with.


        Why can't you just use WebAdmin to change the map/game type.

        BTW, it is all one word. From

        Admin Commands

        You ment to be able to admin the game using rcon but when we tried it although adminlogin worked none of the subsiquent commands did.

        First off login with: AdminLogin <password>

        The you can use the following command:

        * AdminLogin <password> - Logs you in as an admin
        * AdminLogout - Logs you out of admin mode
        * AdminRestartMap - Restarts the current map
        * AdminChangeMap <MapName> - Loads a different map (gametype will change too, depending on map)
        * Admin addbots <#> - Adds number of bots
        * Admin killbots - Removes all bots


          Oops, you're right about "changemap" ... all one word: adminchangemap.
          However, when adminchangemap is used correctly, the effect is identical to the servertravel command -- new map, same game-type.


          Because not everyone on the server has admin rights nor access to WebAdmin.

          Map Voting = players vote for the map they want to play
          If the map they want to play next is also means changing the game-type,
          Map Voting = they can't do it.


          Because if I have access to WebAdmin, I presumably also have in-game admin, which means I could use the console to change the game-type along with the map, except I don't remember the format for doing this (and it isn't shown on the UnrealAdmin page link you posted). However, even if I did remember that, I would also have to remember the correct name, spelling, and punctuation for each game-type, eg, UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content ... recall that I forgot that "adminchangemap" is one word... This takes us back to why not just use WebAdmin? I do, but that requires Alt-Tabbing out of the game, firing up my browser, getting to the correct URL, logging in, finding the game-type in the drop-down list, finding the map in the drop-down list, changing the map, closing the browser, Alt-Tabbing back into the game, and activating "Talk" in the game to ****** about the fact that UT2K4 allowed us to Map-Vote for whatever game-type/map we wanted, without a server admin or all this screwing around by the admin.


            How do you do console commands via webadmin chat?


              You don't. You use the WebAdmin "Management Console."