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stats & webadmin under ut3 patch1.2

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    stats & webadmin under ut3 patch1.2

    hi all

    we hav a server on ut3 since some time and it hav crash down theses dayz....reinstalling all the stuff i ve note that my provider havent patch the servers with patch1.3....still on patch1.2(verygamesserver) lot of users hav ask for 1.3 upgrade but they dont show interrest for ut3...only a very little part of this provider servers are on ut3 now

    i never hav succed to get stats working on that server and i never succed to get webadmin working perfectly (w admin1.7) some tools like "bots" managment just dont work (blank page)

    can someone tell me if this can be caused by the 1.3 patch abscence?and if u hav working stats; is ur server patched with 1.2 or 1.3 ?....i m lost

    thx f advance

    I would strongly suggest you patch it to 1.3. You should be able to find a zip version. You should be able to patch it this way as long as you have FTP access.

    BTW, I would imagine that the latest Webadmin hasn't been tested on 1.2 since 1.3 has been out for a while.


      if your using the option is there if you have another host that doesnt have it do this download patch 3 and if you have winrar installed right click on patch and extract files
      to your desktop then upload to your gameserver make sure your upload 2 files at a time to make sure they get on your server complete your ftp program should have a setting to limit how many files you upload


        thx mates the host is verygames i ll try to patch the server asap