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Could someone help me set up a server?

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    Could someone help me set up a server?

    I'm trying to set up a 24 player War new maps server but i don't really know
    where to start.
    I've installed the dedicated server and want to add custom maps to the maprotation but i don't know where or how to modify the maprotation.

    Is there anyone with mIRC available who would want to help me a little bit?

    I'm on #game-maps

    Thanks a lot



      There is no UTGame.ini in the servers' Config folder :S


        Would you be able to help me further setting-up a server? I visited your website and you have a server i see.

        I added your site to the list of links on btw.


          This is what i have in the /Config/ folder:
          There is no UTGame.ini nor a UTweb.ini for webadmin stuff.
          What do i edit? Could someone help me please, i already patched the server to version 1.3
          But i don't know how to further set it up properly.


            Those are the default ini's, you have to leave those alone.

            You'll find the ini's you need to set up in the My Games folder found in My Documents Folder.

            UT3 is difficult to set up. Best thing to do is to search for the info that you need, online. Very few people have the extensive amount of time required to help set up a UT3 server.

            Good Luck......


              Very nice, that's pretty much all i needed to know.
              I did'nt know where the configuration files were, thanks a lot