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UT3 dedicated server crashing on start up

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    UT3 dedicated server crashing on start up

    been trying to set up a pc to run as a LAN server with the dedicated server install. but everytime i try to start up the UT3 dedicated app it crashes with 2 crash windows. i have checked the log file for the app and it says "shader model 2 required.
    the machine i have it on does not have a graphics card and is just running on the standard intel graphics chip.
    is this the problem? i hoped the dedicated server would not need a card as it would be running in a command prompt.
    i have also exported the commandline from my machine after setting up a dedicated server there and then tried running the command line in the command prompt window with no success.
    i have set up a seperated login for the server to run as but it will only be used as an internal LAN server at my work studio as our fire isnt configured to allow external access. but the game/server wont even start to run.

    any help here would be great as i am now kind of lost

    got another question to follow that one

    could i instead run the dedicated server on my boot of xp, and then run the full retail game on the same computer to connect to that server? or would the interfere with others connecting to the same LAN server?