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Listen Server - Inactive Custom Content Downloads

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    Listen Server - Inactive Custom Content Downloads

    When I set up a listen server, sometimes, people connecting to my game have to download custom content that is not being used - such as a custom character model. I'm not using the model, there are no bots on the server, and the bots in the selected bot roster are not using the custom model, so why does the person have to download this model to connect to my server?

    I suppose there is an ini file somewhere that would deactivate the model for online play, but I can't find it. Help?

    In UT99, there was a place in an ini file that listed what content players would download off you if they didn't already have it - I can't find the UT3 equivalent.

    wow i wish i could get this to work on a dedicated server - i have the model files everywhere they are supposed to be and even where they are not supposed to be and it still wont push the files to the user... "funny" it works when you dont want it to and doesnt when i want to push the files.

    my issue in reverse

    any one from Epic even monitoring this forum? can you guve us some help on both these questions please - thx!