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UT3 Compression prob?

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    UT3 Compression prob?


    I'm new to all this, but everything is gong very well so far and getting maps uploaded to the redirect server, there getting listed, and our server is redirecting the d/l

    but the problem I am having is compressing some maps (Big ones) namely WAR-Downtown_Necris which is 75MB, and Devil Nights ( which is about the same size) I've been onto the auther of Downtown_Necris and he can see no reason why it shouldn't work.

    Ive used Ut3fileTool so i can compress and decompress and it works fine on the smaller maps, but when decompressing the larger maps the dos window flashes a couple of errors ( so fast I can't read them) and no compressed file in directory.

    any thoughts

    TIA Zeus

    i use ut3compress, never had any problems with it.


      Thanks worked a treat


        Originally posted by WoLvErInE View Post
        i use ut3compress, never had any problems with it.
        how do u use the do i put the redirect server? or wat


          Originally posted by Jjunior130 View Post
          how do u use the do i put the redirect server? or wat

 is whats going to look like an executable in your binary directory (folder). Located here: C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries

          If you are navigating to it with UT3Compress. You may already be using it?

          you can right click it and choose properties, and then click the program tab up top of the box and it will tell you the file type.

          you would want to use the output file for your redirect, it will be in the case of a map say VCTF-MyMAP.ut3 the output file will be VCTF-MyMAP.ut3.uz3. The file ending in .uz3 is for the redirect.

          usage of it in your game would be.

          in your UTEngine.ini add in, located in this directory

          My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config

          This would mean that you have a directory (folder) on your site called uz3

          the last "/" after uz3 (see above) is very important, without it it will not work. That forward slash represents a link in a path that ut3 will fill in the rest of. so again if it is not there it will not work.

          hmm... just noticed you have a sig image? how did you pull that off? I thought that wasn't able to be done. >> never mind I see how it was nice one


            I found a neet lil program by "Brad G" who coded the Map Cache Converter, its called UT3 Vice and deals with compressing and decompressing UT files.. [HERE]


              Use this instead next time u compress multiple files.
              It best compression tool for multiple UT3 files and UT2004 files because its compressing them as one process instead of loading UT3.exe for each file.