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Two Players on Same Team in Duel Mode

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    Two Players on Same Team in Duel Mode

    Hey Guys,

    I run a server that uses duel as the default game mode. You can follow the link in my signature for more details on the server. I'm currently experiencing a very frustrating issue on the server where two players end up on the same team... in duel mode.

    Here's what happens:
    1. Player A joins the server
    2. A bot automatically joins the server on the opposing team
    3. Player A and bot fight in warmup/duel mode on a single/multiple maps for any period of time
    4. Player B joins the game
    5. The bot automatically gets removed from the game
    6. Player B is assigned to player A's team
    7. There is nobody left on the opposing team
    8. WTF moment ensues.

    This sucks.

    The only way I've found to resolve this is:
    1. Player A calls a vote for TDM mode on any map using the UTComp vote screen
    2. Player B votes yes
    3. The map loads in TDM mode
    4. Player A presses esc, goes to game tab, and clicks the change team button
    5. Player A joins the opposing team
    6. Player A calls a vote for duel mode on any map using the UTComp vote screen
    7. Player B votes yes
    8. The map loads in duel mode
    9. Player A and player B are now on opposing teams
    10. Player A and player B can now duel

    Most people aren't really willing to go through all that which means that there are a lot fewer people playing on the server now.

    Here are some things that I've tried in order to resolve the issue:
    *Enabled UTComp3v3b4
    *Disabled UTComp 3v3b4
    *Added more bots to the server by default
    *Removed all bots from the server by default
    *Set the default gametype to deathmatch and required that duel mode be voted in separately
    *Removed warmup mode via UTComp
    *Set various warmup durations via UTComp
    *Set unlimited warmup duration via UTComp
    *Increased wait for players delay period via Webadmin
    *Decreased wait for players delay period via Webadmin
    *Removed wait for players delay period via Webadmin
    *Set players balance teams in Webadmin
    *Manually added players balance teams line to duel mode config in UTgame.ini on the server
    *Enabled force respawn
    *Disabled force respawn

    At this point I'm really not sure what to try. Has anybody else run into this issue before? If so, were you able to resolve it? If so, how?


    I'm experiencing the same thing.

    I've been using webadmin to change map (even to the same map) and it will fix the problem temporarily.

    UTComp3.1 doesn't help at all. There are duel servers running properly, like house of zen, but I have no idea why. It might be a windows server vs linux server thing, or maybe an older server version.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


      I've experienced this on the PS3 version of UT3 but a little differently. 2 people were on the same team and 1 person was on the other.This happened on a dedicated server hosted from the PC. Maybe this glitch is exclusive to PC dedicated hosts?


        I've never had the issues above....Not sure if this will help or not but after some trial and error this is the command I use to start up my PC hosted PS3 duel server (should be pretty much the same for PC hosts):

        UTGame server DM-Sentinel?game=UTGame.UTDuelGame?bWeaponStay=true?n umplay=2?Difficulty=4?vsbots=0?minnetplayers=1?max players=4?GoalScore=10?TimeLimit=10?forcerespawn=1 ?allowkeyboard=1?GamePassword= -log=WOPR-UT3PC1_DedicatedServer.log -seekfreeloading -login=xxxxxxxxxx -password=xxxxxxxxx -email=xxxxxxxxxxx


          I have the same issue, I just log on as admin and restart map and that fixes the problem. Only problem, if I am not online then other people can't restart as admin. Restarting with utcomp doesn't seem to work. This problem only seems to happen when player B joins the server at the wrong time. Usually if they join during warm up it messes up.