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    i cant get them to work on a windows server either so i think its not just your linux... maybe theres some method or setting we need to know about. if any admin is running a server with custom characters and can shed some light on this, that would be great... my original questions about this is right here

    Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post
    Trying to install a custom player model on my server and not having any luck.

    Installed all the files for the model on my (hosted) windows server by FTPing them to the proper folders and then also put them on my redirect.
    I have alot of custom maps redirecting on my server with no problems, and AllowDownloads in utengine.ini set to true.

    but the model files dont send to the player like it does for maps. they never get pushed.

    Anyone running custom models out there that can give any help or suggestions to help make this work? or did i miss a meeting?


    ps. i tired both compressed and uncompressed files and tried deleting the customchar.ini and editing it to include the custom character info. but neither seemed to make a difference...

    im pretty sure i have had other player models pushed to me before on servers so im guessing this works, but any help how is appreciated

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  • started a topic CustomChars


    Hi all,

    Anyone any idea how to add CustomChars to the Linux dedicated server?
    I am running version 1.3 with the hotfix.

    Thanks in advance