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Linux Server fine till today

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    Linux Server fine till today

    Ive been running a linux server with patch 1.2 on It with no problems till today. Now It crashes 5minutes after starting. log error is as follows...

    Developer Backtrace:
    Log: [ 1] ./ut3-bin [0x8d584e2]
    Log: [ 2] [0x110420]
    Log: [ 3] /lib/ [0x25bebe]
    Log: [ 4] ./ut3-bin [0x8054539]
    Log: [ 5] ./ut3-bin [0x8d4b7b7]
    Log: [ 6] ./ut3-bin [0x8203a20]
    Log: [ 7] ./ut3-bin [0x8249085]
    Log: [ 8] ./ut3-bin [0x8249c47]
    Log: [ 9] ./ut3-bin [0x824ac83]
    Log: [10] ./ut3-bin [0x81fb436]
    Log: [11] ./ut3-bin [0x82099c9]
    Log: [12] ./ut3-bin [0x853f442]
    Log: [13] ./ut3-bin [0x84d0022]
    Log: [14] ./ut3-bin [0x844ed20]
    Log: [15] ./ut3-bin [0x8052a52]
    Log: [16] ./ut3-bin [0x804b772]
    Log: [17] /lib/ [0x207f70]
    Log: [18] ./ut3-bin [0x804adb1]
    Exit: Exiting.

    Anyone have a clue?

    Not positive about Linux servers but all others are being attacked right now. From what I understand it is affecting quite a few other games.

    Bout all I know.


      Thanks for the reply... I wonder if updating to patch 1.3 would help


        My servers are patched to 1.3 and they are susceptible and being attacked. Having to restart them constantly.

        There is an exploit fix available, but when I apply it to my server, the server does not show up in the Epic browser. The fix was posted here, it is unofficial, but I see it has been removed.

        Art of War Game Servers have it available, so you might take a look at their site to see if it is available or perhaps a Google might show it up.