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Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated) ... fundamental

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    Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated) ... fundamental

    I try to make it short.

    I would like to bring up a dedicated server to run.

    Now the fundamental Question :

    For what I need "ut3_dedicated_server_windows.rar" about 1.4 GB
    Must I now somewhere rent a server !

    I Start UT3 from drive C: and start a dedicated server out of the game.
    If the game runs I Start UT3 from drive G: press F10
    open IP: 7777 and I can connect to my server. (yes thats goes)After the first match is over I get this error message:

    " A duplicate login has been detected. "
    " Youre connection to the Server has been lost. "

    (once Realpope too much) OK.

    function DedicatedServerbyAdminStart
    If Admin Realpope start a Dedicated Server set Flag DS_Realpope=1
    If Realpope wants to play and Flag DS_Realpope=1 then let him Play !

    I am bought UT3 2 times first the LG Version and then the DVD version
    because I need the the video tutorials.

    If I start a dedicated server with the LG version " from drive C: "
    and then try to connect over the secound Acc from the DVD Version " from drive G: "
    will that work ?

    For the fact that UT3 is an online game, I think to start a dedicated server for too cumbersome.

    That was in UT99 already a (INI) editing work
    at UT2004 that goes on and at UT3 that will not Stop.
    Is that so difficult ...

    Game start, Dedicated server Launch (out of the game) and run.
    Start the game again , bring on the Server browser (Lan or Internet) and connect to my Server. (Point)
    (see function DedicatedServerbyAdminStart)

    And yes I have Read this :

    Can I run a dedicated server and play the game on the same PC?
    - No. That would defeat the purpose of a dedicated server.
    If you wish to play the game on the same PC as your server you should setup a listen server,
    which creates a server inside of your active game that others can connect to.

    But I do not understand it.
    If there was a big red Label on the DVD box with this text
    as a fan I have to thing twice to buy that game.

    Create a new Gamespy account in game... then use this account to start your server... Use this new account for your server only.