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total noob at ut just got a server

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    total noob at ut just got a server

    hi i have pld ut a bit now and then but i rented a dedicated server for ut3 but dont know much about the game at all. is there a seperate program i can download to control the server remotely like hlsw for hl/source games? i run a tf2 server and know hl games and commands inside out really, is ut3 similar in management ?
    any tips and tricks greatly appreciated

    here is what you need bro

    its called WEBADMIN


      thanks man trying to install it but seems i cant get the second file to be created, utwebadmin.ini maybe its my host who has to alter firewall.

      ScriptLog: Destroying WebServer
      ScriptLog: Unable to bind webserver to a port
      Log: BindPort: bind failed
      gethostbyname failed ()
      Log: gethostbyname failed ()

      is there any anti cheat software i can install on my server?


        make sure you set a good port, in the UTWeb.ini there is a part where u see the port, i think its defaulted to 80, so probably changed to another number.

        Also try to follow the steps WORD FOR WORD.