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Newb setting up a gameservers 1v1 server in UK

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    Newb setting up a gameservers 1v1 server in UK

    Hi, I've never done anything related to servers before, just playing and watching games. I've found that very few 1v1 servers get good ping where I am (UK), none of these servers have all my fave custom maps and I'd like to be able to record lots of duel matches.

    To address all these issues I've decided to rent a server on Gameservers (since I've seen they are very cheap, just £8.21 a month, with discount for longer),
    they have servers in London and they have a redirect with all the custom maps I want to have on rotation.

    I'd like the basics on how this works and anything else that might be relevant. Some questions:
    I want to create a 1v1 server with (and limited to) a specific set of custom and stock maps with voting. Will I be able\ how do I go about this?
    For instance, how do I designate this as a 1v1 server, many of the maps have capacity for more than two players, how do I limit it to 1v1, with a que?

    Will I be able to use this script to autorecord Demos played on my server:

    I have heard there is a bug with custom maps with the 1.3 patch, will this be a problem for me?

    There is an offer of teamspeak for an extra $2, is this worth getting, do many players use it?

    Sure there are more things I need to know, but for now any help appreciated.
    Thanks, Crayfish.

    1.ok, i think ts you can save that, use XFIRE, no need for ts the WIKIPEDIA about ut3, search in GOOGLE UT3 and look for wikipedia.
    3.get WEBADMIN <--read that to get it to work properly
    4. good luck