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    Dedicated Servers Questions

    I'm setting up several UT3 servers for use during tournaments at a LAN party. Servers will be set up in both Linux and Windows, which I'm okay doing. Just a few questions towards getting this done quick.

    (A) Is it necessary to run the installer in Windows on each machine?

    (B) Is it necessary to run the installer in Linux on each machine, or can I copy the extracted directories?

    (C) Can I run multiple instances from Windows and Linux? Or do I need separate installations to do it?

    (D) Do I need a GameSpy ID for these servers?

    Anyone? A little help please!


      Well im no pro but i did run some quake servers in the past and we could always execute multiple instances from the same dedicated server package.
      There i just tested it on my lan and ut3 seems fine with 2 instances so more should be ok as well.
      As for gamespy id's I doubt its necessary for more then one account for all your servers(per machine that is),dont quote me though, you will know if you see them in the browser or not.You may need separate accounts for separate boxes.Good question, perhaps gamespy has the answer in the FAQ.
      So yes you need at least 2 accounts, one for the server, and one for you to log in with.
      It may be ok to copy files from one box to another but to be safe i would just use the installer.Mite be some essential reg settings.
      Just remember not to log on to your server using the same gamespy id as the dedicated servers are using.
      Messed up my dedicated server with an error and froze it out.

      Sorry cant be of more help,and hope someone with more experience then me can help you with this matter.


      Same rules should apply to linux.


        A) Yes. Because of registry entries.
        B) Don't know about the Linux installer
        C) Yes. Using the -nohomedir, -configsubdir and -log parameters.
        D) Yes. Might as well go a head and create one for each server instance you plan on running. It won't take long.

        It would be wise to read through the threads deeper into this forum to see issues people have had trying to run LAN setups.


          duplicate post


            1. First install as normal in /home/ut3-dedicatet
            2. Copy all files and dirs to /home/ut3-dedicatet2
            3. update userpermissions in 2nd server home-dir.

            Done. (home-dirs by example)

            I've tried to setup multiple servers with different inis in only one install-dir (like in UT2004) -> Do not think about this ;-)


              UT3.exe Server DM-ShangriLa?game=UTGame.UTDeathmatch?mutator=utc3v02beta.UTMutator_utc3v02beta ?mutator=UTGame.UTMutator_WeaponsRespawn -login=user -password=pass -unattended -nohomedir -configsubdir=server1 -log=test1
              Any ideas on why it doesn't show up in a lan browser? Username and password are set up through my UT3 client...


                Your missing the "bShouldAdvertise=True" in your command line,or perhaps its set to false in the "utgame.ini"
                If its not in your command line then it will look for it in the utgame.ini.

                Your mutators are set wrong.
                YOu only need one "mutator=".
                Simply add a comma "," between your additional mutators after that.
                So your mutator line should look like this..

                mutator=utc3v02beta.UTMutator_utc3v02beta,UTGame.U TMutator_WeaponsRespawn


                  bIsLanMatch=[True|False] Is this a LAN only game? (default: false)