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How to Cd Key Bann?

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    How to Cd Key Bann?

    Any body know how to cd key bann? I been banning in my server. But most of these people create a new account and waalaaa their back in side my server asking why did I bann them. Any one here know how I can Cd key bann people?

    I use Webadmin. The download is here: You have to install it like a mod and the way you access it is by typing your server's IP in your web browser after "http://" and then :9010/ServerAdmin. It will look like this: "http://xx.xx.x.x:9010/ServerAdmin".

    I recommend version 1.3 because we ran into some errors and bugs on version 1.4. You'll have to add this to your server command line: ?AdminPassword=yourpass
    That will be your password to get into webadmin. Your user name can be whatever you want and that is what you'll show up as in the chat console.

    Banning tips: Open "Players" in a separate tab. That way you have all their information in a separate window and don't lose it when you kick them. Ban them manually via "Access Policy" "Banned IDs" and "Banned Hashes."