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Problem with redirect: only ONE map doesn't work

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    Problem with redirect: only ONE map doesn't work

    I am having a problem with one map only not redirecting. I have tested it on two servers and on both the client downloads the file directly from the server and not from redirect. Every other map and file redirects just fine. It is unknown whether other servers have had success with this map.

    The map is WAR-MinusTankMeUp-Snarf

    I really don't know what other information to give. Please help!

    Typically this means there is something bad in a package, such as a missing .upk file or a .upk file that is missing one or more materials etc. and the map needs files that are not there. Under these circumstances your client would typically download the package from said redirect and then again from the server. This hurts the server as most often the server gets hung up on the map and will not let anyone in nor change to another map on its own. So you would have to change the level via the webadmin console or what I recommend doing is removing it and emailing the author to see if he has another copy that is more recent, or if he / she is aware there is a problem. The game works differently in instant action mode then on a dedicated server and sometimes a issue can arise that will effect online play only and the author may or may not be aware of an issue at all as they don't all have servers to test on.

    anyways i hope this helps some



      Hmm. I'm the author of the map in question. Bclagge, did you ever get Snarflan to work?

      The MinusTankMeUp-snarf contains references to various script packages. I've included all of them with the map. I'm fairly certain there are no missing packages. There are no textures or materials in the packages. They are purely script. There is *one* package that contains a particle system, 'MT_SatelliteOrbData', but it's also included.

      On my home system, I've run the the map using "ut3 server" then running the client so that it's running in client/server mode. That works, but since client and server are the same physical box, logically the client always has the required scripts and nothing ever downloads, but that's where the problem is. Also, I've played the map online on other people's servers. It seemed to work, but I believe I had the scripts already installed, which again avoids the problem.

      Brett, I'm going to rebuild the map when I get home tonight without the SatelliteOrb powerups. That's the only thing I can think of that might be causing this, especially if snarflan works but minustankmeup-snarf doesn't.

      One last thing, did both servers you tried it on have ut3fixer running? Maybe this is the one instance where it causes a problem instead of fixing it?


        Snarflan works with the V5 vehicles up on the server.

        MinusTankMeUp doesn't redirect even if there's no mutators.


          I went home to rebuild the map. My computer died and now windows won't boot. I've since rebuilt my computer but I haven't restored my data, so I can't try making a snarflan-v6 yet.

          Snarflan-V5 was cooked with V5 vehicles and it works with V5 vehicles.
          Adding V6 vehicles doesn't work? That really, truly sucks. It suggests that the map must be recooked every script version. Epic please tell me this isn't true!

          If that's true it means you cannot have mix matched versions of different maps on the servers. You can't have snarfalanche-v4 and snarflan-v5 because snarfalache is going to need v4 scripts, snarflan is going to want v5 scripts.


            Cooking combines all content into the map file, so yes, if you using a different code package requires recooking.


              Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
              Cooking combines all content into the map file, so yes, if you using a different code package requires recooking.
              Even if the content is cooked into the map file, you *still* need the script files externally when hosted on a live server. The server always tries to send the external scripts even if they are also cooked inside the map. Why does it send them if they are already in the map? The external scripts must all be the same version as the internal version or it doesn't work. That truly sucks.

              Someone explained to me it was to avoid cheating. That I can understand, but there's got to be a better way. There needs to be some way to update the scripts on the server and still verify the integrity of the scripts on the client without rebuilding all the maps. Because of this issue its going to be a long time before I release any new versions, simply to avoid the enormous pain updating versions causes.

              As for MinusTankMeUp-snarf...

              I found a package missing from the minustankmeup-snarf-FINAL-1.1 distribution, so that is most likely the cause of it failing to download. The package contains a ton of static meshes used in the map. I simply missed it when creating the zip file. I've included the missing package on my filefront site and sent bclagge message with a link to it. Hopefully this fixes it!


                The missing package wasn't included in the zip file, but I already had it from a previous version of the map. The package appears to be identical, but I overwrote it just the same to try it out. No dice, it still isn't working.

                Even if a package were not right, it's the actual map file that isn't redirecting properly. Not an external package. I would have to test it again, but I do believe the map plays just fine as long as everyone has the files istalled already.


                  Nobody has an idea? Someone help please! It seems a shame that a great map won't be played because it won't redirect.

                  Recap: All files are installed properly, I've triple checked it. The map always downloads from the server even though there is no question it's available on redirect.



                    It should not download from the server if you have

                    That does not fix the redirect, but will stop it from downloading from the server.

                    Maybe the file name is incorrect on the redirect or file permissions?


                      I don't know about file permissions. All I know is I upload files to redirect and it works and I don't have to do anything special. The file names are correct, I've double checked that.


                        I'm having a problem when I try to join a server with the the replacement vehicles it says it failed to move the aegis file.


                          JD8 I believe that's because the map is trying to get a different vehicle version than what is already on your computer. It may also be because the version the server has on redirect is the wrong one. The solution should be to manually install the correct vehicle version.


                            if the author embeded the content into a map file it would do the same thing as a .upk file that has something missing etc. without knowing what is missing I cant help beyond that. Try opening the map in the editor, it should tell you if there is something missing upon loading the map. thats a place to start, at least if you know what it is that is missing then you can at least relate what is missing to the author.


                              The map works fine if you already have the files installed manually. The only problem is redirect for the .ut3 map file.