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Missing port? Or what can it be..

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    Your router may be the issue, check out these threads: Dedicated Server - Restricted Cone NAT Router and Dedicated Server - Full Cone NAT Router

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  • started a topic Missing port? Or what can it be..

    Missing port? Or what can it be..

    What ports do I need to open on my firewall to allow incoming connections?
    - UDP 6500 - Gamespy Query Port
    - UDP 7777 - UT3 Game Port
    - UDP 13000 - Stats Port
    I opend all the ports you told in the FAQ
    6500 7777 and 13000 but wen I try to create a server (not dedicated) the error message about DMZ and Port Forwarding appears.

    Here a screen of my settings.

    Has anybody an idea? Wenn I had my old internet hardware it was no problem to create a DMZ or to turn off the firewall.

    It it maybe because I got PPPoE Pass-Through on?

    Thanks for every comment.