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BTA question + voteduration PB

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    BTA question + voteduration PB

    Lo all

    I'm having troubles to configure my server for CB war @ BTA

    The friendly fire, as rules say set on "reverse 50 %" = any hit on team m8 damages shooter 100% and victime 50%...

    Afaik it should be only 50% on shooter, no? Thing has prolly something to see with UTcomp stuff, but really I dunno where to look...

    Other issue is my timevote duration stucked on 130 secondes despite all my time vote duration are on 45....

    Anyone for those?

    58 views and not even a single idea... :/

    BTA is not about to be popular in those conditions... :/


      well THX to crazyb4stard the BTA issue is gone and fixed

      But hte duration time vote is still here, and is really annoying... NO one nows where it could come from??


        I believe the vote duration is also in the game ini -in a few spots, try search to find them all.. Also check your engine.ini for the vote.


          VoteDuration is also affected by EndTimeDelay and RestartWait (only during endgame votes), so reduce those as well.


            thx Shaambler seems to be working, even if still not in BTA but at least DM, TDM are now fixed