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    cool I like that the engine number is now posted, thats awesome. Cant wait man!


      Since 1.3 finally released, I finally got off my butt and updated our sites Sview real quick. Thanks for the update but I do have one question.

      I loaded up 1.1 and the updated files and everything works fine, but I am missing fields that display in your nuke preview.

      The fields that do not display are the "Public * Server" , "Engine Version" , and "Average Skill Rating" (<---- this one I really like and would like to see working.)

      Is their a setting in one of the config or index php files that I need to change to display these settings.

      Thanks ahead for the reply =)


        I am currently working on it (Nuke and Alone).
        Right now serverinfos are available in webstats-version only.

        I think, you get it this week...


        ***EDIT The serverinfo public/private is only available in simple-query (not webstats-query).
        But in simple-query you cant get ingame-informations.
        In case you use webstats, please add a Public (Private) to your Servername, because there will be only one query active.
        Another solution is to use the SIG, which provides Servervalues.
        If you would like to use the sig, you can send me your background-image and i replace the text as you want it.

        ^^AverageSkillRating is availble too


          Thanks for reply, one more question:

          We recently got a fourth server. Can the module support four servers if changes are made to say "Hey, check for 4 servers?"

          It looks like it would be a simple thing to add to the config_sview.php but I definitely am not an expert with php yet (but working on learning more everyday ) . I just didn't know if the mod would take to a fourth server being added and keep the structural integrity of the page.


            I'will post u an update tonight


              Major Update

              New Version is available now.
              First install: Read the description in DL-Page.
              !Do not make any changes to config_sview!
              Updating: Backup your config_sview.php and paste your settings in new config_sview.php.
              Delete all subfolders and files in UT3Sview11. Upload new files and folders.

              -Show advanced Server-Information (Version, Stats, Pure, ....)
              You can add ?AverrageSkillRating=0000.0000 to your Server-Startupline to display '0' (No connections), for a nicer display.
              Higher settings like 2500.0000 to prevent n00bs from join the server (like other games), do not work.

              -Added Mapper's name to Scrolltext
              -Scrolltext centered
              -Query now up to 4 servers
              -Closed all HTML-Tags like <table> in each page for a easier integration
              -Added FAQ-Page (Not finished yet)

              Currently im working with the new UDP-Query (updated with Patch 1.3),
              but the new available Query-Informations are not as good as webstats.



                I loaded it up and works like a Charm. Thanks!


                  hi man, I am sure this is probably out dated but as promised here is a place holder that has blood drippage... heheheh

                  hope u likey



                    I love raining blood
                    I will give it a try next time. atm i am modifying the script because Patch1.3

                    Nice work, Dude


                      well cool, since you liked it I made a new one with a 1.2 on it and a little better flow of blood. Though I don't know if your renaming it or not, anywho.. cheers and here ya go.

                      the prior one is the one I am currently using on mine, you might like my background also if you are into the blood thing lolz



                        It needs to be darker, so the scrolliong text is easier to read.... maybe have the blood come over the darkned logo without itself been darkned in the process.

                        Just a thought, nice work...


                          This weekend there will be an update available.
                          It is for patched 1.3 (1.3beta Unix) Servers.
                          Players, Score, Ping, Deaths and Player-ID will be displayed.
                          In UDP-Mode, a grid will be displayed below the map image (without webstats).

                          Preview (GFX will be fixed):

                          If you only want to know, who is playing on your servers right now,
                          this is your update. You need no webstats and its in realtime too.
                          You can query any 1.3 server you want to and get its infos.

                          Well, for more ingame and server -information I recommend st@rbucks webstats.



                            Originally posted by gämmö View Post
                            It needs to be darker, so the scrolliong text is easier to read.... maybe have the blood come over the darkned logo without itself been darkned in the process.

                            Just a thought, nice work...
                            just change the text of the scrolling info to yellow, blue, or green or anything else you prefer other then white and np. I am using green text and it is pretty readable even against a green background. My objective was to make it look similar to the ut3 game cover/website homepage so it looked more official is all.


                              I'm looking forward to the update, the server ranking looks great.


                                this really does looks great! thumps up!