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    UT3 PHP ServerViewer

    UT3 ServerViewer 1.1 for PHP-Nuke 7.x, 8.x and Standalone ( fit it to your needs and/or include it into your homepage)

    Works without any modification on UT3-Server.

    Provides Webstats0.2 by [dirrty]St@rbuck.
    (Also works with other CMS with a little PHP-Skill)
    Query up to 3 Servers. (If you want more, post it here)

    Example #1: Works with all UT3-Servers without any modification:
    Minimal Requirements:
    UT3 dedicated Server
    Allowed outgoing UDP-requests from WebHost to UT3-Gameserver (UDP 6500)

    Example #2: Works with all UT3-Servers with Webstats0.2 installed:
    + Allowed outgoing TCP-requests to your Webadmin/Webstats port on UT3-Gameserver (mostly 9000).
    + UT3 WebStats V0.2 from [dirrty]St@rbuck
    (See for more details.)
    UT3Sview terminates the known character-issue in Webstats0.2

    Scrolling MOTD (From UT3server MOTD)
    Time remainig, TeamScore, Teambased Kills per Deaths,
    Directlink to Players Full Stats @

    Forum/Website ServerBanner Addon (LIVE)
    WWW-Host with Mod Rewrite active
    Outgoing UDP 6500

    Change the Background as you like (GIF). Use your (even animated) private or clan -banner (450x80). Just change the 'server.gif'
    No config needed. Reads your predifined server(s).
    Online/offline detection
    Much more Display options.
    Webserver: Mod Rewrite must be available.

    First install and configure Webstats 0.2 (If you want)
    Upload the module UT3Sview11 into your Nuke-Modules directory

    Go to Adminpanel/Modules and activate UT3Sview11
    Edit in UT3Sview11/config_sview.php your servers and Ports.
    Images will be autodetect and must be in the UT3Sview/maps-folder.
    The Image must be named same as the map but case-sensitive, without the Prefix (DM-, WAR-, etc)
    The only image-format is .gif and its size has to be 500X175px !!!
    For testing the Banner point your browser to

    *If Webstats 0.2 is not installed, extended info is not available!

    Have fun!

    Download and instructions: here

    View the Nuked TESTPAGE
    View the Standalone TESTPAGE

    Special thanks to [dirrty]St@rbuck for publishing UT3Webstats and cruz's UT3ServerQuery-Script [Don't touch this ]

    Modifications are welcome. Post here.....

    Nice work dude.


      Very Cool Man, you said works with nuke 8.x. Has anyone tested it with nuke 7.9? If not, when I get home I will give it a shot.


        Theres no problem.
        For testing do not modify the predifined servers....

        Nuke 7.9 header in index.php:
        Replace the code between ModuleDescription and own Data:
        // HeaderCode PHP-Nuke < 8.0
        if (!defined('MODULE_FILE')) {
         die ("You can't access this file directly...");
        $module_name = basename(dirname(__FILE__));
        //$index = 1;
        //define('INDEX_FILE', true);


          Cool man, I get off work in a few hours. I will look into it then and let you know how it does.


            Ok, I got Webstats working fine (really cool tool also) and I have edited the index.php with the server info and replaced the "if" that is between the Top description and "own Data" section with what you have above.. The page just loads a blank page. I am still messing with it, but any more advice would be helpful


              Works now, editing just in case


                The complete module runs without sql-statements...

                I've updated the downloads with a index.php and fsockopen disabled.
                fsockopen can be en/disabled by your provider.
                if it is disabled, the page runs in an error when the gameserver is offline.

                i will look for a second way to query the server....
                also i install nuke version 7.9 tonight cause many others are using 7.9.
                so i can fit it all for 7.9 until tomorrow.....


                  Working now, editing just in case.


                    This is my working 7.9 with your servers:

                    I put the index.php in my download-section in a moment....
                    I hope it works on your side now. If so, i do the rest (confic colors etc.) for you ;-)


                      Ok, Three Things.

                      1. You are the man, thanks for all the help.

                      (Site Provider has opened both the UDP and TCP ports for the servers to contact)
                      When even one server was blocked, I would get the same error I posted above (even with the custom one you made with my servers). Two minutes later, the tickets are threw with the servers and ports opened.

                      2. The original file (with the "IF" edit for 7.9) WORKS!

                      3. The no socket one WORKS.

                      Looks like the key thing that was stopping it for me was the site itself just blocking even one IP. Once all the IP's were open, it worked like a charm: BOTH!

                      Thanks alot for checking it out and hope the info on what my site was and was not doing helps for anyone else using this.


                        You have to PM me, when its online



                          To join the displayed servers via viewer you need the UT3 Protocol-Fix on your client.
                          Description here:


                            Forum/Website ServerBanner Addon

                            Forum/Website ServerBanner Addon released


                              Nice, Downloading now.

                              I've created additional map images for use with this server viewer with more on the way. I've created a download page for those who need specific images, as well as bulk zip file for all new images not included with the program. If you want the zip, choose the file "$additional_map_images_(1).zip". I will create a new zip file for each bulk set I add. Hopefully I'll have the majority of the maps covered soon.

                              Additional Images