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    Can you browse the internet from your server?


      Yeah, I can browse the internet from my browser on the server!
      I can also see my UT3 Web Admin from outside the LAN on the internet!

      Maybe it is taking time to progogate the DNS for the domain on


        Post your start-up command line for the server...

        When the server starts are there any stunserver errors in the console windows? Any errors at all?


          ok Dirty Buck,,,, the start up command line:

          "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\Binaries\UT3.exe" Server DM-ShangriLa?game=UTGame.UTDeathmatch?AccessControl=U T3Stats.UT3Stats -login=<drewzdungeon> -password=<password> -unattended


            All I can think of is that somehow the udp ports you have open 6500 & 13000 are blocked... What type of modem are you connecting to the internet with (does it have a built in firewall or something)? Check your Smoothwall firewall logs - see if there's anything that would indicate blocked traffic on those ports...

            I was able to "connect" to your webadmin, and nothing appears to be wrong (to me) with your commandline, or console.


              Yes the WebAdmin is accessible from the UT3 server in the Orange network on port 8888.
              I have looked through the logs on the firewall and nothing is showing up for 6500 or 13000.

              Were you able to access the server on 7777?

              Is there a tool that you are aware of that I could determine where the port blockage (UDP) is being retricted from?

              PS: on another note, I have installed your WebStats and functioning perfect on port 8888.
              Also UT3Serverview inside PHPNuke is running smoothly!


                Last night I was able to access your server by using the open command (check your logs)... but your server is not listed in the server browser.

                Did you create a Gamespy account specifically for your UT3 server?


                  Dirrty Starbuck,

                  Well if you were able to use the "Open Command" with success I would conclude this thread for Smoothwall is closed.

                  I created the login for Drewzdungeon (server) via the client PC. I have logged in several times to test the login access without issue.

                  I have created another login via the website and changed the login on the server.

                  Tried your Query Port Tool but do not see anything happening



                    I have viewed the log files in Smoothwall firewall and notice this repeated entry:

                    00:27:19 eth2 ยป - UDP 138(NETBIOS-DGM)
                    lookup block 138(NETBIOS-DGM)

                    Any idea what this is?


                      Better to ask this on the Smoothwall forum...