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Dedicated Server - Smoothwall Express 3.0

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    Dedicated Server - Smoothwall Express 3.0

    Well I bit the bullet and built a PC running Smoothwall in hopes to have the UT3 server online.
    Objective #1 - to play on the server through my LAN
    Objective #2 - to allow others from outside the LAN to play on server

    Smoothwall was an easy installation and set up on 2 NIC - Red/Green

    Incoming port forwarding set up for the 6 ports UDP: 7777, 7778, 7787, 6500, 13000, 27900 with the static IP of the server

    Incoming port forwarding set up for the 3 ports TCP: 7777, 7778, 27900 with the static IP of the server

    I have a client PC with static IP on the Green Network and unable to find the UT3 server in "Join Game" search via the LAN.

    What needs to be configured in the ini files to allow everyone access and/or view UT3 server?

    does it work with direct connect: open


      yes the "open" command funtions with the LAN IP address.

      Objective #1 is successful

      Objective #2 is NOT successful;


        Still no success with access to server from Internet.


          UT3 requires FullConeNat.
          Open all outgoing ports (1024-65535) from your Client-machine(network) for playing.
          Server needs only open incoming 7777udp, 6500udp and an outgoing connection to stunserver.


            can you log into the game using your server's gamespy account?


              gamespy accounts

              yes, I can login on the client with both gamespy accounts and play online:

              drewzdungeons = server
              silicastorm = client


                My Smoothwall configuration is slightly different. I installed one more network interface (Orange) - and my UT3 server runs on that. Here are my settings (you need to clean yours up ):

                From my gaming rig (connected to the Green interface) I connect to the server via the in game browser. The server console shows that I connect from an internal address i.e.

                Do you have a firewall active on you UT3 server? Turn it off while your testing, and then configure it later (if needed). I think you're pretty close, just way to many unneeded port configurations.


                  Thanks for the reply Dirty Buck, followed your steps further:
                  1) reduced the port forward as you show above
                  2) shutdown the firewall on the server
                  3) created Smoothwall again now with Red, Green and Orange networks
                  4) changed the server RJ45 cable from Green network to Orange NIC

                  from the Smoothwall GUI - ping the IP of Orange with success - 1ms
                  from the client - ping the IP of the Orange with success - 1ms
                  from the server - ping the IP of the Orange - 100% lost no packets
                  from the client - ping the IP of the server - Destination host unreachable


                    As much as I like Smoothwall I'm by no means a Smoothwall guru... You may need to hit up their forum of experienced users for help.

                    Just a couple of things...

                    Try installing Smoothwall again, but this time change the default firewall policy to Open instead of Half-open (which I think it defaults to)... It's been a while since I installed, but I remember this solved some issues for me.

                    Smoothwall will only provide DNS for machines connected to your Green interface. On machines connected to your Orange interface you will need to provide a DNS server address ( has a couple of freebees). Test this out by trying to connect to the internet from machines connected to either interface. This is an absolute must for your UT3 server...


                      Thanks again Dirty Buck,

                      I do have "Open", but I do not understand your second mention of Orange with a DNS server address.

                      I put a post up on Smoothwall Forum


                      Question: If a ping returns on a NIC, does that confirm it is functional for the RJ45 connector? Just seems if I ping the orange through the green I have success, but to ping to the orange through the RJ45 connected is not successful or ping the server connected to the orange is not successful. I even changed the cable to confirm the cable is ok between orange NIC and server.

                      Wow, been a great learning experience, hope this gets sorted out soon, been spending more time on network setup than Fraggin'


                        Smoothwall was an easy installation and set up on 3 NIC - Red/Green/Orange
                        Red = Internet
                        First problem I see... Green is okay as, but Orange should be (as an example).

                        My network is setup with Green as and Orange as

                        I really threw a loop into this mentioning the Orange network

                        This network diagram post may be helpful.
                        This Green/Red/Orange discussion may be helpful as well.


                          Wow Dirty Buckster,,, that was a long haul,,, but can you do me a favour and test?


                          Cheers to access???


                            Not able to connect...

                            If you want to check the status of your server you can use the UT3 Query Port Lookup Tool on my blog.

                            Enter and click submit... If nothing is returned it means your server is not on or visible...


                              **** IT!

                              I used your Query Tool without results.

                              If I use F10 with the following: open

                              I get access to my server and can play