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WebStats v0.2 - 2008-05-02

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    WebStats v0.2 - 2008-05-02

    Name: Web Stats
    Version: 0.2

    Description: WebApplication MOD for UT3 that returns current Player and Server stats in an XML format with an XSL Transformation.

    Comments: Now in it's second release... Check out the homepage for more info, installation instructions and a sample of the XML output.

    Homepage: UT3 WebStats - Tools, Maps & Mods - Dirrtyclan's Forum


    Change Log:
    - Merged rules node into serverInfo node
    - Compiled with ServerSideOnly flag set to True (meaning it is no longer downloaded by connecting clients)
    - Added a default XSLT for the XML return
    - Added new fields under serverInfo node: bIsDedicated, averageSkillRating, bAllowJoinInProgress, bUsesStats, gameDifficulty, bForceRespawn, bPlayersVsBots, botSkill, pureServer
    - Added new fields under game node: bTeamGame, numPlayers, numBots
    - Added new field under player node: clanTag

    Previous Version: WebStats v0.1 - 2008-04-04

    I will re-do my work to run the new version :-)


      Thank you! Works great!


        excellent work!


          hi hi Dirrty! hey I installed this query devise today and am really impressed. It looks great man.

          I added some code to the xml to make it refresh automatically every 5 secs. thought I'd share it with anyone else using your devise.

          <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
            <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="5;URL=" /> 
          I added this between the </style> closing tag and the </head> closing tag

          anyone interested can just remove my address and edit theirs in, paste it into the .xml file and away you go!

          thanks for making this man it is always nice to be able to see when your friends are playin..