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Can't see MY server on the list

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    Can't see MY server on the list

    hi all, I am a Noob....Is my first time administrator server.

    The problem is the following, the server is ok with maps, mutator, ecc, but my server is not on the server list.
    The people can join only when Type "open" ( My server IP )

    I have check all the solution in the gamesclan server admin control panel, but nathing.

    My server mus by stay with the other on the server list...!

    Thanks And srry for my bad english.

    The same has happened to our local server saix, can't see the server at all in the server list. All it's running is CustomUT. The strange thing though is that there is a minority that say that they actually can see it.

    Also had to type in open <insert ip address> to join. I then go to history and add it to favourites.

    Recently though something weird has happened, it shows that the server has has 9999 ping and can't see the players or join via favourites. You have to join via console again.

    Thought is was just a problem with our local server here in South Africa.


      I think Gamespy may be the problem. A few times my server has show up as "dead" on gametracker and won't show up on the server browser but I can see it in webadmin.


        jotheshow, check your gamespy login/pass in your command line, make sure you can log in with it using your client, and that you didnt fat finger it in the startup script (this got me the first couple times :/ )


          I have a account to Gamespy but I can't give the date for my server!!

          Explane this please!

          How to done the information server in the gamespy....


            Yup, I been haveing this same issue. I figured it is the same thing as when you playing in middle of a game and all of a sudden you get duplicate logging and get d/c. Same thing happends with the server's username through gamespay. Only difference is the server is not human and automaticaly connect its self like we do when we get booted off a server with the message duplicate log in. Seems like EPIC/Gamespy problem.