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UT3 Linux Server and Redirect(WebServer) on same machine

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    UT3 Linux Server and Redirect(WebServer) on same machine

    Hi everyone,
    I got my UT3 LAN Server working on a Debian System. I also got running an Apache webserver on the Linux machine, and another on a Win2003Server machine.
    Now my problem is the following. Redirect download only works when I set the url in the UTGame.ini to the Win2003 machine. If I set it to eighter localhost or to http://[linuxmachineIP]/ it doesn't work.
    Since I want to use the UT Server for upcomming LAN partys, it would be bad if the redirect doesn't work or I had to carry 3 PCs, one webserver, one UT3 server and one to play

    Anyone got an idea to solve this? Would be awesome, thx~

    I use a LINUX dedicated/Apache with redirection on the same machine. Works great

    You have to add the following lines to your UTEngine.ini:

    or True if you use the compression...

    Make sure that the Apache delivers the file extensions...