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Server Issues preventing map voting

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    Server Issues preventing map voting

    We've been having nothing but trouble with our server.

    We've uploaded several custom maps and mutators.

    Gibalicious UT3 v1.2
    UTComp3 v2

    The problem we're having is everytime we map vote with UTComp, it loads the map successfully but no one can seem to click ready. We're in a forced view where it displays Unreal Engine 3 with the copyright date at the top of the screen and there is no HUD.

    This happens when we vote Custom and Default maps.

    Any direction or suggestions would be awesome.

    I had that problem, I added to many at once, maps that were either in the wrong folder, or just plain unusable. Maps that didn't get compiled correctly or lost some data in transfer. All I know is that it makes it sooo much easier if you only add 1 at a time and test to make sure it works and can be downloaded. Are you using fast download? And you said this happens with default maps as well? Can you show us your UTGame.ini it would do wonders. What type of server is this windows, linux? dedicated server? whats your startup command look like?