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New server hogs 50% of the CPU when UT is running Web Admin .10

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    New server hogs 50% of the CPU when UT is running Web Admin .10

    We have been running UT III successfully now for the past few months on a Windows XP Pro server with 2 GB of RAM along side Counter Strike Source running 24/7.

    We have used all of the Web Admin versions all the way up to .09, and that has worked perfectly too.

    We are on a brand new server now as of yesterday with Windows Server 2003, and 2 GB of RAM, and a Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz processor.

    With CS:S and UT patched to 1.2 the UT games runs perfectly, and the CPU usage with both games running hovers between 0 and 1.

    As soon as I installed Web Admin version .10 and ran the runserver.bat file to fire up the game, the CPU usage jumped up to 50%.

    I tried joining the game and ping showed 9999 this morning before work, and I was not able to get in.
    This happened last night too after installing Web Admin, but we could play, but got tons of lag, and that is how we found out the CPU was running at 50%.

    My partner reinstalled it all from scratch overnight, and I played this morning before adding Web Admin, and the game ran fantastic.

    I have installed Web Admin several times on the old server, so I know what I am doing.
    Could this be related to the different OS we are using?

    So far we can not figure out why installing Web Admin shoots the CPU up to 50%.

    Interesting, I too am running Windows server 2003, I plan on updating to webadmin .10 later, will post back with my findings.


      We think we know what it might be, but we will not know until after 5 PM PST tonight.

      I run the server with a friend, and Counter Strike player who is an admin on his server and forum for the games went into the server before we even had any games put back on it, and turned off some web support stuff.

      Since web admin uses a php file or whatever to let you manipulate the game from a browser, we think it may be related to what he did with the settings.

      I will report back tomorrow morning my findings if we get to the bottom of it.

      It makes sense if he turned off stuff that supports web commands from a remote location such as a browser.


        the official UT3 WebAdmin doesn't use PHP, it runs completely from inside UT3

        can you provide some more information, like, does it work correctly with 0.9 installed?


          Can I get .09 from you somewhere still?
          If so, can I just overwrite the .10 one, or will it screw things up?

          If I can get version .09 from you, I will install it tonight if I get time.


            No Problems with my GameServer
            8% CPU
            All ok here


              elmuerte, just saw that I can get the older versions form your site.
              Will try version 9 later.


                Sorry I have not updated this, here is some more news.
                We have not messed around with the game until today.

                My friend reloaded UT and the 1.2 patch today from scratch.
                No Custom UT mutator has been put on yet, only the new 1.0 version of webadmin.

                He fired up runserver.bat and watched the text count down in the file as the game loads, and no error messages.

                CPU usage was around 7% for the following three games all running at the same time.

                Counter Strike: Source
                UT III
                COD 4

                UT ran great!

                Now the web admin file gets created the first time you fire up the server.
                He went in and changed the setting from false to true as required, and restarted the game.

                Right away he saw the error messages such as not finding the application associated, gif, jpg, and other errors.
                Since the file never finishes on account of all the errors, the CPU usage jumps up to 50% and the game is unplayable.

                He stopped the server, set the ini file to false, and fired up the game.
                Of course you can no longer access webadmin from a browser, but the game ran flawlessly, and no error messages in the file as it laods before you downsize it to your servers desktop.

                CPU usage hovered around 5% to 7% for all three games.

                I seriously think this is a Windows 2003 Server issue.
                He still needs to get a hold of the guy who did some tweaking on the server, and he is pretty sure he turned off some web support stuff.

                If that did not effect it, then it seems webadmin will not run on our server with the current OS.

                Personally I would not have put on that OS, I would have stuck with Windows XP Pro as we had zero problems with UT running on it with webadmin.

                I will update this thread again when I gt more intel.



                  My buddy got it going.
                  He had to add a program called ISS Admin, something like that.
                  It needed the port added to it for web admin to run.

                  Once he installed that application, UT and webadmin run great together!

                  He thinks this app was on the old server too, but it was added by the previous host.

                  Took awhile to narrow it down, but all is well now in UT server land.