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    Is this a cheater

    Is this evidence of someone using an aimbot?

    Log: checktargetlock on RL when not active weapon!
    I have recently setup two linux dedicated servers and when there are 8 known people (some from work and others who we have played for a while) on it performs fantastically but then at times it becomes incredibly laggy while performance of the box is fine and without issue, I am wondering it its sign of people using aim bots, grabbing all locations etc. Spotted the above appear on the putty window of the server. The line is a full 2Mbps SDSL (NOT ADSL) without any issues.

    Just new to the whole UT server admin and trying to guage what are legit entries and what aren't, and work out why all of a sudden things lag.

    I dont think do, Ive seen this bug while testing my code before. Its when a rocket locking is still active but the weapon has been switched/dropped/removed just before hand.

    It could certainly be an exploit botters are targeting but the rocket locking happens in native code as far as Im aware and doesnt affect any projectiles but rocket one.

    Anyways yeah I cant be sure but I think its just a warning/bug