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Running a Mod server from command line (batch file) not supported?

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    Running a Mod server from command line (batch file) not supported?

    I've been running a mod server on my main pc using my full installed game with no problems. Recently I wanted to move the server to my secondary PC. So I installed UT3 Dedicated server. Using the exact same batch file, I start the server with the dedicated server and get completely different results.

    Mainly, this part:
    Log: Game class is 'MyModGameInfo' - on the full game machine
    Log: Game class is 'DemoGame' - on the dedicated server machine

    This results in some other warning about since it is a demogame class, it doesn't advertise:
    ScriptWarning: DemoGame XX-My_Map.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.DemoG
    ame_0 (Function Engine.GameInfo:RegisterServer:012A) No game settings to registe
    r with the online service. Game won't be advertised
    It also doesn't seem to load the custom packages. I've got them both patched to 1.2.

    Are we sure this dedicated server was created using full files and not the demo files?

    I've even reformatted the PC and tried re-dling it again and reinstalling it. Same problem.

    Does the dedicated server not yet work with mods? or do I need some kind of mod switch?

    Should also note that normal UT3 gametypes run fine on the UT3 Dedicated Server... just seems to be custom mods that don't. Perhaps I need some sort of -mod=xx switch or something?


      Post the patch file commandline and also the complete server.log for that dedicated server.


        Ok it turns out that's not the problem. It must be a -mod switch or something.

        When I start the dedicated server on the Full install from within the game and choose dedicated server.. the game shuts down as normal as starts the server and it works fine... showing the gameclass set as "mygameinfo"

        When I copy the command line from within that server and run it as a standalone batch file, it doesn't seem to find the gameclass so it sets it to 'demogame'. Is there a command switch for mod in ut3 like ut2004 had?

        Current batch:
        ut3.exe server DS-DarkSect?MaxPlayers=16?bShouldAdvertise=True?bUsesStats=Tr ue?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bIsDedicated=True?CustomMapName=DS-DarkSect?CustomGameMode=DSMod.DSGameInfo?Goa
        lScore=20?TimeLimit=20?ServerDescription=0000?game=DSMod.DSGameInfo -log=DedicatedServer.log -Login=xxxx Password=xxxx
        I copied this command line string from the server console that was started within the Full game... I see nothing else that tells the game to use the DSGameInfo instead of DemoGame for the gameclass... but there must be something else.


          Oddly enough, when starting the server from within the Game, it creates the command line above... with the "?game=DSMod.DSGameInfo" section at the end. Seems to run it in a command line, you need to move that to the first part before the ?MaxPlayers... Seems to be working now.

          I thought I read that somewhere but brushed it off when i saw that was the way ut3 was creating it for you.. weirdness.