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Dedicated Server Frustrations for a LAN Party Admin

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    Dedicated Server Frustrations for a LAN Party Admin

    Hi everyone,

    I've been lurking every once in a while since I do have an interest in Unreal Tournament (it was the first game I played at a LAN Party and after all, I do love LAN Parties). I just have some thoughts that maybe might help Epic understand where I'm coming from.

    I run regular LAN Parties where anywhere between 70 and 100 gamers attend. Often we hold a Tournament and give out some nifty prizes and such. The following reasons are why I do not run UT3 Dedicated Servers nor do I host Tournaments in UT3 (remember, I love UT and each of my game servers have UT99 and UT2004 setup ready to go).

    1: The dedicated server was not available at launch, let alone a dedicated linux server. Not a fan.
    2: The dedicated server configuration looks like a total mess with what seems little effort from Epic to support these servers.
    3: Pulling parameters from ini files were overlooked
    4: We just recently got the web management
    5: Where is my documentation?
    6: Original UT maps, why aren't they included? Most of the gamers at my lan party love them and would rather load Unreal Tournament 2004 to enjoy them.
    7: Is there roadmap for the dedicated servers?
    8: UT3 Dedicated Servers overall are unpolished and featureless.

    Of course I won't hold this one against epic, but I was rather frustrated at this with the demo. When the "beta demo" was released I ran a boil off tournament (to make it shorter and unique), yet we could never reliably get a full listing of those playing. We had about 30 people in the server but could only see 12. Was frustrating that UT3 was rushed out the door.

    What do I hope to see?

    Reasonable support for dedicated servers from Epic (installation documents, ini file settings, you know things I have grown used to seeing from other application/game servers).

    A closer to final version of the server (and game) rather than a 75% completed product.

    Hopefully this thread doesn't get deleted, but if so at least someone read my thoughts. I hope to see UT3 at my LAN Parties soon, but I don't have the time to sit down and do all the work that I've paid for when I (and many other LAN gamers) bought the game (honestly, we're all very busy with life too).