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How to install a Mutator server side?

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    How to install a Mutator server side?

    Hey everyone well I have been looking into various mutator's these past few weeks trying to find the one that I like the most/ the one I think won't imbalance the game too much and I would like to test out the "Uberboard" by Chameleon, I have extracted the contents of the mutator to the specific location as specified by the readme file, how do I activate it? Does it remain active for all maps afther activation or do I have to set it for each map? or gametype? Thanks alot. Here is my command line:

    server war-torlan?maxplayers=18 -multihome= -port 7777 -login=******* -password=****** -log=GameServers.log -nohomedir -unattended
    I am currently using Web Admin 0.6 if that matters.

    Add ?mutator= to your command line, for example if I wanted instagib I'd add


    if you want more than one mutator just add , inbetween them.