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Creating a web admin server

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    Yes Finally

    We can really host and play the game like it should have been almost 2 years ago now

    Hope it will start catching on now that it is actually playable!!

    thx for the hard work


      Well - still there is the UTWebAdmin.ini - problem. I have neither UTWebAdmin.ini nor DefaultUTWebAdmin.ini. I am using the linux dedicated server.

      Also the WebAdmin Files seem to be completly missing. have to download them seperately. (

      And btw: Great having the WebAdmin Tool back ;-)


        Originally posted by Crzyhomer View Post
        11. Make the following changes to the file:
        These changes are absolutely NOT required.
        bHttpAuth will set the form based login to a HTTP Authentication log in. Both are equally (in)secure. But the form based log in will allow you to log out, HTTP Authentication is cached in your browser for as long as the browser is running. Logging out does not always make the browser forget this information (it appears to work in Firefox, but not in MSIE).

        RequireUsername can be anything you like, or empty. When it's empty any name is allowed.


          I dont know where to input the password in the ini files to enter as admin.. Some help please?


            Put the admin password in your server startup command line ?AdminPassword=mypassword


              Originally posted by nDP::Deathmaker View Post
              Put the admin password in your server startup command line ?AdminPassword=mypassword
              Is it normal that i can´t find that?? Which file then btw?


                Originally posted by nDP::Deathmaker View Post
                Put the admin password in your server startup command line ?AdminPassword=mypassword
                What file would that command go into? Are you talking about the shortcut to your ut3.exe file you put that in? Would this apply to windows as well as linux?


                  Okay I've done all the instructions. I checked my logs and I see this:

                  ScriptLog: Web Server Created Port: 8080 MaxCon 18 ExpirationSecs 86400 Enabled True

                  When I open up either FireFox or IE, the webadmin will not pop up.

                  Using this Also tried and

                  still nothing pops up.

                  I put this in UTWeb.ini


                  Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

                  Oh by the way I'm with

                  I do have the adminpassword line in my start up command line as well.


                    I'm w/ and I got webadmin working after using port 9009 & setting bhttpauth to true


                      12. Save the file, restart your UT3 server (making sure ?Adminpassword=X is set)
                      hi thanks for the help in setting up my server with this guide, but i ran into an "IO" error concerning step 12.
                      at first i thought mabe it's an extra string in some ini file when i run a dedicated server, so i googled it some more and like 90mins later, I realised it refers to the commanline string when starting the dedicated server with a batch file or the command prompt.

                      anyway after countless attemts to set my admin password on my retail version i thought maybe they ment that i could also add it to my start-up shortcut from where i run the game, i tried it and it worked.

                      the point is could the author of this guide please add it into those steps @ point 12 to avoid confusion for the next poor sap that needs more details than the one line in the guide

                      for copy paste ease:
                      12.B alternatively you can add the password to the starup shortcut of your retail version, in the target box like so:
                      "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" ?adminpassword=youradminpassword


                        Got the webadmin all installed, after I found that it had put the config files in docs and settings.

                        However I can not log into it, says "Invalid Credentials"

                        Now I have specified a password in teh start up in my batch script and edited the files where apprioate according to the guide.

                        Any ideas?



                          Ok, I follow this and my browser says "You don't have permission to access / on this server.". I know I'm doing something stupid, but I can't figure out what.

                          I enter in the address of the computer, and it just kicks back this error. I can't think of what permissions I need to set on the host computers that would allow me to connect.

                          If I could just hit the login page, I would feel better about what I might be doing wrong.


                            that's not a WebAdmin error, you are probably running some other webservice on port 80, either shut down that server or use a different port for the webadmin.

                            check the server's log to see if it could bind the configured port


                              I use webadmin v1.1 – 2008-04-06 or v1.0 – 2008-03-24

                              unpack it to my ../ut3-dedicated/

                              My ../ut3-dedicated/UTGame/Config/UTWeb.ini


                              when start server in Log i have

                              ScriptLog: -- MAPVOTE is ENABLED!!!!!
                              ScriptLog: Webserver is not enabled. Set bEnabled to True in Advanced Options.
                              ScriptLog: Destroying WebServer
                              Log: GAME PATH IS UTDeathmatch



                                do you start the server with -nohomedir? if not, then you have to edit ~/.ut3/UTGame/Config/UTWeb.ini (iirc).