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"You have lost the match"

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    "You have lost the match"

    i have searched for this but couldn't find anything exactly like what im looking for.

    OK, well my clan has just set up a UT3 server and last night we got it up to 20/28 people in. However when every1 left i disconnected and then re-joined the empty server. i was stuck on the score board with " you have lost the match" written across the screen. I couldn't join a team the score was 2-0 or sumit and i couldn't use any admin commands? any1 got a fix for this? and im sorry if its a repeat post i did search.

    This happened again later wit 4 of us stuck in the same thing

    I'd try to help, but your red text is almost impossible for me to read. please do yourself a favor and don't modify the text color in your posts.

    What gametype are you running, any mods or mutators?

    This information is critical to help you with your issue.


      I actually have the very same problem, it happens every now and then, usually when server is empty and the 2 bots are playing, then once one joins you get stuck at the score board with the "You have lost the match" message ect. The only way is via webadmin to retart/switch map.
      In my case, server is Linux, no mods, just few custom maps