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REDIRECT STILL = Won't Work!!!

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    hmmmm that's good info to know, thanks


      No complaints since you guys helped me a few weeks ago, so if anyone needs help I am now an expert on redirects! PM me if ya needs help. Thanks guys...


        Originally posted by clark kent View Post
        Because they already uploaded 50 uncompressed files like I did!
        I'd compress them, it will be a big help for clients who have a monthly quota on their internet bandwidth, not to mention that the files will redirect a little faster. If the time it takes to upload them is an issue and you don't want to take your server offline whilst you do it simply grab hold of an ftp client (such as SmartFTP), Compress all your files and slap them in a folder somewhere. Add them to an upload queue and forget about them. When they've finished uploading, change your gameserver to use compressed files then delete the uncompressed ones from your redirect. All this can be done without any downtime to your server and because you've setup a queue in your ftp client you can stop uploading whenever you need to and continue uploading when you wish without having to re-upload anything.