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Preview of dedicated server support

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    Preview of dedicated server support

    A new feature is currently under development for the UT3 Tweaker which can be used to configure dedicated servers


    By selecting the game type you wish to host, you will be displayed all stock, and custom maps for that game type so you can easily create map rotations. Please note that this edits the game.ini file for you so you dont have to go around copying and pasting information.

    After reading Dubious's post located here

    i learned that the majority of the settings can be done through the ini files dispite them being scattered around.

    By using the slide bars you can see in the picture, you can change these settings on the fly.

    Once you click apply, the ini files will be changed, and a popup window will show displaying the remainder of the commandline which you will need to add to the games shortcut as you would normally