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FIX for Pixelshader 2.0 Error on Dedicated Servers (free download)

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    FIX for Pixelshader 2.0 Error on Dedicated Servers (free download)

    For those who need it...
    I have seen many threads with no real fix on these forums and more…

    I also posted here a while back, but I could not find the original post,
    So I made a new one, in the hope that this helps someone else…

    I tried the dedicated server package on 5 machines,
    All gave me the same crash, Shader 2.0 error!
    I know some people have also never experienced this issue and run ut3 servers with no problems on old, or lower specs gfx cards.

    Now running a dedicated server on some 8800 GFX card would really be absurd, server farms never run machines with high spec Gfx cards on them, not to my knowledge anyhow.

    From the dedicated server download,
    If you get this infamous error on your log file:

    Critical: appError called:
    Critical: This game requires at least Shader Model 2.0
    Critical: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)
    Log: === Critical error: ===
    This game requires at least Shader Model 2.0

    Here is how to fix it:
    Download: google for it.
    SwiftShader is a Software Renderer,
    The demo is not for commercial use, I’m no .dll guru,
    But it seems to have no restrictions / time limits etc on it.

    Now, Extract / Unzip to any folder,
    Copy D3d8.dll, D3d9.dll & SwiftShader.ini to:
    C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\Binaries

    That’s it!
    Works for me now…
    I hope this helps someone else.

    I’ll take this opportunity to vent also!...I’m miffed!
    From a server administration & support point of view,
    I think Epic has done a terrible job on this release of UT3, it’s been out of ages now!
    A real step down from ut2k3, ut2k4…
    Millions of dollars and Euros in revenue and Epic still can’t get their act together,
    Yes, the game itself is amazing, loads of respect for that,
    But I don’t think this should excuse the total lack of support regarding servers.


    This will be fixed in the next patch which should be released this week!

    Server administration:

    - TCPLink and Webadmin functionality implemented.

    - Banning is now based on CD key hash, so players can’t circumvent bans by creating a new profile.

    - Fixed being unable to kickban players with | in their names.

    - Added versioning information to the game settings

    - Dedicated servers don't require DirectX shader model 2.0

    - Fixed AdminForceTextMute and AdminForceTextUnmute.

    - Restored the compress and decompress commandlets.

    - Fixed AdminCmdOk() function not working properly if you were the listen server.

    - Banned IDs readability improved.

    - Added MaxClientTravelTime config option to GameInfo. If set, clients are kicked if they take longer than this many seconds to travel between maps.


      I feel sorry for PowerPlant now, ShaderModel 2.0 fix and Epic just before have announced it as apart of the fix list for the server patch =X, still as far as "millions and millions" go, I don't think Epic spent very much on the budget for this game, I mean they maintain the engine since they sell that to many many companies... so they already had the core of the engine in place... so I think it likely they spent far less then their competitors do, when they made UT3... if they had spent the same however I think UT3 would have had a much better chance at been finished properly =/. Ah well >.>..


        Ya I hear ya!

        Take your frustrations out on this:


          Thx for the backup r3sistance!
          gutted a bit for sure, haha,
          but better an official fix then my bit of sticky tape


            powerplant THANKS A BUNCH,m this helped me and enabled me to runthe dedicated server.